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FlyingTech.net is dedicated to premium network support. My name is Alfonso. I, along with some quality professionals, are here to serve your computing needs. We aim to help develop, maintain and recover your systems and data. We work with many technologies and hope that with our broad range of knowledge we can best serve your needs.

I have over 8 years of professional network administration/engineering experience. Working mostly with Microsoft products but not limited to Microsoft. This allows me provide efficient service to home users and small offices.

We work with an extremely wide range of technology, ranging from leading edge hardware and appliances to legacy DEC systems. Our networking ability includes the installing of secure WIFI systems and advanced firewalls for security.

It is our sole goal to provide efficient support to our valued customers!



Alfonso Cartagena, Sr. Partner

Sr. Technical Manager, Web Development, Product Developer, Photographer


George Wheeler, Sr. Partner

Customer Relations, Web Development, Photographer, Media Specialist



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